Origins of the Quran (and possibly Islam).

Origins of the Quran (and possibly Islam).

In this Arabic month of the Ramadhan where Muslims fasts and pays obligatory zakat, I stumbled upon an interesting video on YouTube. Click on the link to watch it (apparently embedding lots of videos on my blog site is going to slow your computer down so I’m not embedding one this time).

For a spoiler I am going to reveal to you what’s in this video: someone found a very old, incomplete piece of what resembles the verses of the first (Sura Fatihah) and last (Sura An-Nisa) verse of the Quran under a stack of potato sacks, but what makes the discovery very stunning was because of the Arabic words of both verses wasn’t written using the standard Arabic cursives with dots and markers as used in most of today’s existing Qurans.

I have studied the Arabic script and the usage of dots and markers in Quranic reading (although I wasn’t taught the Arabic language – in non-Arabic states the Islamic class teachers taught Arabic script as a way to pronounce the Arabic words properly) and having a phrase without dots and markers to represent proper pronunciations means that the phrase can have lots of possible meanings, plus it’s hard to even make out a meaning in a short sentence without the proper markers or dots.

End of spoiler, researchers made a strong hypothesis that according to the many meanings you can make out of a marker-less Quranic sentence, it is possible that early Islam had a strong influence from Christianity, and that the Arabic script was influenced by Syrian-Aramaic scripts in which the gospels of Jesus was written and communicated in.


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