Futurama: The Beast With A Billion Backs.

An interesting episode/movie from the cartoon series Futurama.
Kind of like a depiction of god showing himself up to the humans, but in a satirical genre.
Who knows that god actually wanted human’s love just because he was lonely.
And beware if “god” reaches you with one of his appendages, it could be one of his genitalias.




Money and the path to Enlightenment.

I was recently puzzled by my intentions of accumulating wealth in a desire to seek out a less burdened life, and what are the attitudes of spirituality towards this intentions.

A very interesting story indeed, which made me realize that monks were able to live monastic lives just because people donated to their cause. Not because these monks were too lazy to look for jobs – they’re actually contributing to their society by becoming examples and teaching necessary morals to those who seek them.

Story of two shy people meeting their ends with regrets.

Mine would be a different story though. I’ve approached girls who had a taste for wealthy men, religiously pious men, jerks and glamorous men. Never once I hid my feelings for them. I told them, wait for a +/- response then make the next move: either go out on a date or move on.

The key to moving away from your idiotic shyness is to tell yourself what an utter idiot you are by hiding your feelings for someone. You’d have to be open about your feelings all the time, no matter who you’re around with (friends, family, strangers, colleagues) and tell them what you feel regarding a certain social issue, or international disputes, religion, why people throwing their trash all over the place ticks you, putting the toilet seat down etc., without being perceived as too arrogant (apparently Asian mentalities perceives minute arrogance as too arrogant, but what the heck do I care about them).

Never be afraid of rejection. But if they do attempt to humiliate you after rejecting, teach them a lesson. Narcissists tends to humiliate others, but their weakness is always Facebook – so if you are their friends on FB, or even a mutual friend, that’s great! Use their social flaws to take them down, and no you were never wrong in taking bloodless revenge on a person. Just make sure you don’t reveal too much of their dark side, they’ll either get back at you in blood or commit suicide.