About Tatsuhiro

Internet activist. Atheist. Buddhist. Apostate of Islam. Musician. Audio Engineer. Student. Guitarist. Producer. Chiver.

Most of the checklist of my life has been fulfilled. Now am trying to fulfill the rest of the checklist and build a new checklist on the way. One of the checklists yet to be fulfilled is: Getting citizenship/Permanent Residence of a Non-Islamic country such as USA or Australia.

I hate Facebook and Twitter for closing the communication gap between countries by disabling the browse user function. The internet, when we were still using dial-up was broader than what it is right now. I believe people from different countries should be able to communicate freely without relying on lying tabloid websites or so-called “social-networks” that restricts accessibility and encourages its users to impose “Private Information” restriction on their own profile pages. If you don’t want random people to know who you are, stop being a hypocrite and use the internet solely for flash games not anything else.


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