Futurama: The Beast With A Billion Backs.

An interesting episode/movie from the cartoon series Futurama.
Kind of like a depiction of god showing himself up to the humans, but in a satirical genre.
Who knows that god actually wanted human’s love just because he was lonely.
And beware if “god” reaches you with one of his appendages, it could be one of his genitalias.



Did God give us the power to perform telekinesis or is it sinful and unholy?


An interesting question posed by Christians who are puzzled by nature’s way of operating, and yet to know what is quantum mechanics other than complicated mathematical equations.

Here’s what the answer from a supposed Christian who studied his bible well (I’m not anti-Christian, and I love Jesus the same way any Christian would but I think the bible needs major reforms):

“Powers” that are said to come from the mind are actually spiritual powers, and their source is demons. The Bible tells us to avoid anything that is of the occult. Here is an example of what the Bible says about the occult:

There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you. You shall be blameless before the Lord your God.

– Deuteronomy 18: 10-13


Power has never been given to man to be able to move objects with his mind alone. There are biblical accounts where mountains have been moved out of their place, where seas have been parted but the authority to do this is God given. 
As all matter has intelligence, otherwise it would not be able to obey a command. And only one who holds a higher authority can give the power to man to move something, it is not the man, but by the priesthood which he holds. Then the reason to move anything has to be that higher powers reason, and not mans. 
When anything is done it is to the glory of God and not for the glorification of man.

First of all, if the person who answered using a verse from The Book of Deuteronomy 18: 10-13 would have researched articles on quantum mechanics and watch lectures from renowned physicists, they would know the basic theory of a subatomic particle, particularly the electrons. Electrons are known to be a very low-mass subatomic particle which is represented by a point-size, are negative-charged, and is a wavicle; it could behave either as a wave or a particle.

Electrons exists in almost every matter that existed in this world. These subatomic particles are also known as a string of energy. Our minds are also known to be formed by the same energies. Telekinesis is the action of manipulating an object’s matter either by changing it’s shape (i.e. Uri Geller’s spoon bending) or by moving the object to a different location without using our physical force, instead we’ll be using our minds, which means that we’re accomplishing these manipulations from a remote distance.

How telekinesis works is actually explainable using quantum mechanics, but first I’ll tell you how to achieve the state of mind that enables telekinesis and other psychic stuffs. Our mind has since a long time ago been separated into two: conscious and sub-conscious. Researchers believed that our two separate minds had been working as one until ego caused these two to separate, thus creating the illusion that our present world existed, our visions limited to three dimensions, and the existence of the self. However, in present time we are still able to combine both minds, with the limitations of maintaining it to a matter of a few seconds. It is believed that by using combined-consciousness together with the embodiment of compassion that the Buddha attained enlightenment. Some people might call this combined-consciousness as the “third-eye”.

The resulting combined-consciousness allows us to manipulate the energies around us, or rather specifically the energies that comprises the subatomic particles around us. We are able to use these energy-manipulations to move small-to-large objects either in mid-air or by a stride-motion, bend hard-irons such as thick stainless-steel utensils or send pulse of messages to another person – which would usually scare the shit out of people thinking there are poltergeists nearby!

It might sound like I’m actually telling a lie, a fabled story or science fiction but like it or not, it’s actually true. Lots of people around the world are making accidental discoveries of their psychic abilities.

Now, back to the question. Did God give us the power to perform telekinesis or is it sinful and unholy?

Would you think that telekinesis would be sinful and unholy if it was actually a gift from God? The same way God gave you arms and legs to commute and do your jobs, gave you a tongue with thousands of taste-buds so that you could enjoy the sweetness of sugar? Although with the invention of the tastebuds that God not only gave you a gift to enjoy sugar but also he gave you an insufficient amount of inulin in your bloodstream to counter the level of sugar you’re feeding yourself to, which in turn would make the tastebuds on our tongues as a curse, a punishment from God just for his enjoyment when he could’ve made sugar taste the same as normal water where we would consume the amount needed instead. Also, God’s extra gift of the ego and “free-will” made our arms and legs the most lethal weapon since Abel and Cain.

OK, let’s say that according to the chap who answered the question by quoting Deuteronomy that telekinesis was actually powers coming from an external source, namely demons, and that no human being possesses any psychic abilities by default. By that he actually means that electrons are actually manifestations or essences of demons, in which he would have to explain how almost 90% of our bodies are composed of these “demon” subatomic particles, and how to cleanse our bodies from these demonic essences. From my point of view, the only way for us to cleanse ourselves from these “demonic possessions” from birth is to kill ourselves, or the most effective way to quickly cleanse ourselves is to incinerate ourselves with fire until we turn into ashes.

Well done, dead dogmas of religions. You have given to us an insight of how evil we are by having every single molecules of our bodies comprised of naturally occurring electrons.

“When anything is done it is to the glory of God and not for the glorification of man.”

I would say, God is glory for creating man not from dust, but rather from accidents and illusions. Hallelujah.

Note: I believe the only practice Christianity had for its followers is to embody the love of Jesus. Loving your parents, loving your spouses, loving your neighbors and loving your enemies. Christianity is a religion of love, the only monotheistic religion I have respect for (Islam’s Muhammad rapes slave women and pre-pubescent girls, Judaism’s Moses murdered an Egyptian guard), however I believe if Christians were to disregard the dogmas created by illusions of the ego then Christianity can be easily followed as a faith. Lastly, I wish for any Christians reading this post not to be offended of this article.


Ringing in the ears (brain), known as Tinnitus.

Somehow we humans are created in an imperfect manner. As the bible claims, we MIGHT be created in God’s image, which means that both Gods and humans have the same flaws.

This article gives insights to how our brain functions might have deluded our senses throughout the years, and how what is supposedly audible by our auditory organs were filtered out, and what was not originally present to be audible was made ringing in our ears until we mentally tell ourselves to stop listening to it.

One of the supposed “heresies” of science since Galileo.

The title of the animation was actually “Understanding 4th Dimension”, and although it does not explain specifically about the world of 4 dimensions, however it might give you an understanding on the things we can’t really perceive in life – one of those events where ancient people would call “supernatural”.