Story of two shy people meeting their ends with regrets.

Mine would be a different story though. I’ve approached girls who had a taste for wealthy men, religiously pious men, jerks and glamorous men. Never once I hid my feelings for them. I told them, wait for a +/- response then make the next move: either go out on a date or move on.

The key to moving away from your idiotic shyness is to tell yourself what an utter idiot you are by hiding your feelings for someone. You’d have to be open about your feelings all the time, no matter who you’re around with (friends, family, strangers, colleagues) and tell them what you feel regarding a certain social issue, or international disputes, religion, why people throwing their trash all over the place ticks you, putting the toilet seat down etc., without being perceived as too arrogant (apparently Asian mentalities perceives minute arrogance as too arrogant, but what the heck do I care about them).

Never be afraid of rejection. But if they do attempt to humiliate you after rejecting, teach them a lesson. Narcissists tends to humiliate others, but their weakness is always Facebook – so if you are their friends on FB, or even a mutual friend, that’s great! Use their social flaws to take them down, and no you were never wrong in taking bloodless revenge on a person. Just make sure you don’t reveal too much of their dark side, they’ll either get back at you in blood or commit suicide.


Chinese-style card predictions.

Hi readers.

First of all I’m not gonna disclose my whole life story, maybe I’ll hint a little bit about myself in a few posts here and there. Anyways the recent name I have given to myself after apostatizing from Islam comes from my original name given at birth which sounds not so “Muslim” but rather much more English or Germanic, combined with my ancestral Japanese name which in my family is not considered hereditary anymore since the Chinese side cares more for their paternal lineage instead of their maternal, thus I shall write my name as such if I ever get the chance to move to another country:


Call me an Asian heathen, I just don’t care. Somehow during my first time going through fortune tellers (mostly Chinese) I was so determined that all these predictions was a hoax, but in the end I think most of the events predicted by these fortune tellers did happened, but most of them weren’t a happy ending. This one above was taken after I did my own prediction on my future girlfriend’s characteristics which I haven’t met yet. Anyways there are certain ways for drawing out all cards (something like Tarot) and it involves asking the question which you’re seeking the answer for while shuffling. Click on the image for a larger view.

The set of cards needed for this prediction is all the 7’s to Aces in every group: Diamonds, Clovers, Hearts and Spades. Altogether you’ll have 32 cards total. And these are the guidelines to what each cards mean:

7’s: Red indicates characteristics of a person who could change during certain circumstances; they could be either helpful or cruel, Black indicates a total backstabber.
8’s: Friend.
9’s: House/Relatives.
10’s: Luck.
J’s: Possibly a young male.
Q’s: Young females/Older women.
K’s: Older men.
A’s: Money.
For the J’s, Q’s and K’s – Red indicates fair complexion while Black indicates dark complexions.

According to my prediction in the image above, in which I asked what are the characteristics of that particular women who would be my coming future girlfriend, this would be the breakdown:

Middle: Fair young female, possible financial stability.
North: Female with fair complexion, wealthy and has luck. Usually indicates a sponsor, possibly her mother.
South: A young male and female couple of dark complexion. Possibly her companions, as she gains luck by hanging out with these couple, somehow these are the type of people who could turn tides depending on certain events.
West: A young male friend, fair complexion, rich and has luck. Not stated in the prediction, but if after winning her heart I were to neglect her this guy might have the biggest chance of becoming her next lover.
East: A house where two elderly men with fair complexion lives and cares for her. Not necessarily relatives of hers, could be her teachers or godfathers.
North-West: Indication of a friend who is super-jealous of her and might do bad things to her.
North-East: A house where a young, darker complexion male friend lives. Possibly one of her friends.
South-West: A house in which a darker complexion female lives in. Her friend.
South-East: Two darker complexion older male and a young fair male.

All the four 45 degree areas such as NW, NE, SW and SE are indirect influences to her life while the North, South, West and East areas are direct influences. This means that my future girlfriend is fair (possibly a White or an Asian), is financially stable, has wealthy sponsors/family, friendly and almost everybody loves her except for a few who is ultimately jealous of her achievement. This might convince me the next time I fall in love, but I’m still skeptical on whether this prediction will come true. Anyways I do hope that this prediction will come true, I have been loveless quite a long time already since many girls whom I fell in love with during the past are mostly those of the financially unstable type who would take away my vitality.

Other than believing in predictions, one should meditate – visualize and make up your minds on what you want to become instead of waiting for nothing to happen or pray 5 times a day and ending up becoming an idiot who wastes their money on Hajj to Mecca instead of bringing their child to a joy ride in Disneyland or Universal Studios. Hehe.