Personal Section

I just thought that I might need this section for any friends, foes and neutrals who wants to dig up my biography for their menacing uses, namely: defamation, seditious, compatibility, dateable, apologetic, and so on.

First of all, my name is Norman Tatsuhiro Hayashi. No, Tatsuhiro is not my first name. It’s my middle name. At birth I was assigned a typical Arabic-style Muslim name, one which I am not proud of and will not reveal. Born 21st April 1987, 5.50am GMT +8 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am a Malaysian citizen by birth who lacked nationalism towards this country. Reasons for that:

  • Authority abuse by government officers (Police, Army, RELA)
  • Corruption amongst government servants, especially government departments dealing with resolving citizen’s demands such as Registrations, National Bank, almost every department that existed within the federal government.
  • Dumb, idiotic populace who were brainwashed by the government. Some couldn’t even spelled their Bachelor’s Degree achievements right.
  • Constitutional monarchy shouldn’t even exist anymore.

Mostly when I’m registering for a social networking account, I’ll put down my country as Singapore since it’s the nearest to Malaysia in terms of area and culture. Looking at how Malaysians hate Singaporeans, and vice versa, I just don’t like getting to know strangers from Malaysia, except if they’re beautiful and internationally open minded – which means that they love experiencing different cultures, isn’t too serious about their religious obligations and cheerful around racially diversified crowds. Also, another fact in which I dislike befriending typical Malaysians is that when they see my name they think I’m one of those youths who are crazy about Japanese animes and culture which is super-annoying. I don’t watch much Japanese animes except for One Piece, Dragon Ball and Inuyasha.

Although I chose to have an English name combined with ancestral Japanese names, I am somehow an example of how a racially diversified person is physically. My father is an Austronesian (read my post Malays are Austronesians) while my mother is an example of a racially diversified Far East Asian race – Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian, Thai, and a tad bit of Indian (Punjabi). However, I’m more in favor of my mother’s side of the family since we are much more diverse than my father’s side, and we accept our family members as they are regardless of their religious beliefs, and we spent time together during Christmas every year.

Regarding religious beliefs – as the Malaysian Constitution stated that Malays are Muslims, therefore the National Registration Department of Malaysia registered me a Muslim under my father’s race. However, in 2009 I received enlightenment on how vicious the religion Islam was, pretending to be a peaceful religion in countries where they are minorities while intimidating non-Muslims in countries where they are majorities such as Malaysia or Saudi. After leaving Islam in secret I became an atheist. At last, in 2011 I learned of the Buddhist Dharma and became a Buddhist, except that I don’t position myself in the several Buddhist sects – I do what I want.

However, my beliefs in life are strictly backed by the theories of sciences that works, mainly quantum mechanics, and that has strengthen my beliefs on the Buddhist Dharmas.

In this life however, I am an Audio Engineer. Also I write my own compositions, arrange music and play the lead guitar. Currently finishing up my Diploma in Audio Engineering at Ocean Institute of Audio Technology, Kuala Lumpur. Hopefully after graduation, with my steady work profile I’ll be able to land myself a decent paying job in Singapore as an international start since I have made my paramount success at an age considered young for an audio engineer in Malaysia (most of them didn’t make it while others could only achieve recognition in the local music industry at youngest age 28; I achieved mine at 24).

One of the songs I have engineered in Malaysia.


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