How to practice your religion without the fear of being persecuted. (PART 3)

The last time I have wrote about religious persecution, what constitutes persecution, and how future persecution may not be avoidable even when one practices his/her religion discreetly and becomes a “pseudo-hypocrite” outside their homes in order to avoid persecution.

By now you should know that the only way for you to practice your religion publicly without being persecuted is by migrating to another country that either does not endorse a state religion or that their state religion is in favor with your beliefs, but not many people have the requirements to be recognized as a legal migrants to most countries (college degree holders/wealthy investors/migrants with exceptional skills). The other option for people to relocate or migrate is to enter a country either as a legal “tourist” or illegally by boat and apply for asylum according to the UNHCR’s 1951 Refugee Convention, 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees or both.

Many people think refugees are groups of villagers fleeing war or government tyranny in their home countries, but it’s not just that. There are government whistleblowers and individuals who are persecuted because of their race, religion and nationalities who are given asylum as well. There are five characteristics that most governments give out asylum status towards:

“A refugee is a person who is outside their country of origin or habitual residence because they have suffered persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or because they are a member of a persecuted ‘social group’. Such a person may be referred to as an ‘asylum seeker’ until recognized by the state where he or she makes his or her claim.”

(Source: Wikipedia [cited from the Oxford English dictionary])

However, there are strict guidelines to whom the refugee/asylum claims are given out to. Most countries do an assessment on applicants on whether a person is a genuine refugee or not by using the “Well-Founded Fear” evaluation points. Reasons for this is to distinguish between those who are genuine in their fear of persecution and those who use the “refugee” claims just to abuse the immigration laws of a certain country so that they could reap the benefits given to genuine refugees such as a permanent resident’s benefit of residing, working and receiving welfare of that country without being detained and subjected to removal.

There are however cases where genuine refugees were denied of their claims because they did not present valid evidences pertaining to their claims, inconsistencies in their statements or did not show any evidence of a “well-founded fear” for their claims of past or future persecutions.

Below is a link to a PDF file from the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) for their asylum officer’s basic training in evaluating applicants for “well-founded fear” of future persecution. This is however not a legal advice or a cheat sheet for people to make false refugee claims, but you can use it as a guide as to how asylum officers evaluate refugee claims so that those of you who are fleeing your country of residence seeking refugee status elsewhere know what information you should provide your interviewing asylum officers with as to lower down your chances of getting your first claims rejected, and to decide if you are genuinely eligible for a refugee claim, because just by merely possessing one of the five protected grounds of character without fearing persecution will get you rejected instantly.

USCIS definition and eligibility of “Well-Founded Fear”


How to practice your religion without the fear of being persecuted. (PART 2)

Now let’s see what constitutes persecution, according to the United Nations Refugee Convention:

Persecution and the Reasons for Persecution

“Although the risk of persecution is central to the refugee definition, “persecution” itself is not defined in the 1951 Convention. Articles 31 and 33 refer to those whose life or freedom “was” or “would be” threatened, so clearly it includes the threat of death, or the threat of torture, or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”


So let’s say you have apostatized from your religion (example: Islam), but your country’s laws (or unwritten laws) does not allow you to apostatize or convert, or else you’ll be facing severe punishments such as death, imprisonment or rehabilitation – right now you’ll be leading double lives. One religion when you’re outside, another when you’re inside your private homes. That’s fine, but how about the future, when you decided to fall in love with your partner who doesn’t share the same “supposed” religion as you do, and that “supposed” religion doesn’t allow inter-faith marriages? Or you’re already having kids by the time you decided to apostatize? Or you had already apostatized, went to another country, had a legal civil wedding, give birth to your child there, then decide you have to come back to your country with your kid?

Persecution is a serious thing, even if it does not involve injuries. Making someone stay in solitary confinement or rehab for an amount of time not specified and making them submit to your cause or turning them into vegetables, although no physical torture was present is a type of persecution. Try abducting a heterosexual man, placing him in a no-escape room secluded in a place he do not know of and forcing him to become gay. Keep throwing in gay pornography materials into his room/cell and demonstrate homosexual actions in front of him while someone else forces him to watch your acts. Although no acts of rape was done, do you think that the person forcing the victim has done nothing wrong?

This is where your compassion comes into realization. Or not. But most of us know what was wrong with the situation. Same thing goes to people who were persecuted based on their religious beliefs – they were forced to submit to something they never believed in their whole lives. What you think is true doesn’t necessary constitutes truth in other people’s belief system. This reminds me of a story written by Ajahn Bram, a Buddhist abbot of a monastery in Australia. You can read the story here.

Anyways, I have read a report from Australia’s Refugee Review Tribunal’s case file regarding a Malaysian lady who has converted from Islam to Christianity, and claimed asylum in Australia during the year 2008. As a Malaysian I thought that religious freedom reports regarding my country wasn’t enough to show evidence but as shown in the RRT’s report I am glad that a Malaysian’s plea for protection from religious persecution has finally come true.

RRT Case No: 0802390

How to practice your religion without the fear of being persecuted. (PART 1)

Centuries ago, according to history – people living in Christian states were persecuted for practicing religions other than Christianity, however not only non-Christian religions were banned but also other forms of Christianity that differs from Catholicism – Protestantism being the most popular Christian sect being persecuted, similar to the Shia sect of the Islamic religion.

In this century those Christian states has either been turned into a secular state or still retaining the power of a national religious figure while allowing religious freedom as an endorsement to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, however there are several states replicating the old Christian state’s religious persecutions. I will not be biased while writing this blog post, but I am sure those of you who had lived/living in Islamic states know what am I talking about.

To argue whether a person should be given liberty or not is out of topic. Besides, it’s no use arguing when each debaters come from different worlds.

But if you’re living in a country where you’ll be persecuted for practicing a religion different from the state’s official religion, and you’re able to practice your religion quietly without the authorities or the community knowing, why should YOU read on?

I will give you an example of a country whose name and pride I shall not enclose for I feel it has already received enough tainting from international communities condemning its Constitution. This country has Islam as its official religion, has the clause “freedom of religion” written in it’s Constitution yet there are numerous cases where it’s Muslim citizens were denied permission to renounce the state’s official religion and were subjected to persecution by the community comprised of Muslim majorities and the government authorities themselves.

For a Muslim who wants to renounce his/her religion or convert into another religion he/she has to apply permission with the Sharia court. Reasons for this is because he/she wants the word “ISLAM” removed from his/her National Identity Card, and he/she would not be subjected under Sharia court’s jurisdiction if in the future he/she does something that would cause a Muslim to be punished such as eating during the day in the month of Ramadhan, having pre-marital sex in close-quarters without breaking any civil laws or marrying a non-Muslim without having their partner to convert into Islam first (Muslims are not allowed to marry non-Muslims according to Sharia law). Although there is no clause in any laws that forbids the action of renouncing one’s religion of Islam, however there are many cases where a Sharia court judge sentences the person applying for permission to renounce his/her religion to forced detention in Islamic Faith Rehabilitation Centers without issuing any warrants, thus taking away his/her freedom.

To avoid such unlawful detention some would agree that the ex-Muslim should practice his/her religion in private while going out in the world pretending he/she is still a Muslim by pretending to pray, fast and wearing garments that symbolizes Islam. This is true, for the present moment he/she will not be subjected to persecution but what happens in the future when he/she decides to marry a non-Muslim who wishes not to convert into Islam in order to be lawfully wedded? Or one day being found out by relatives that in close-quarters he/she is practicing a different religion? Or being questioned for possessing an object or ornament that belongs to a different religion?

A reminder: To claim that oneself is not a Muslim to the authorities in order to escape persecuting punishments could be possible, but if found out by authorities that the “offender” is a registered Muslim he/she is liable to a large sum of fine, caning and years of imprisonment.

The vile religions of Islam and ROMAN CATHOLICISM.

I stumbled upon a Christian blog when I was looking for articles regarding Dr. Michio Kaku, and somehow that blog had a post regarding anti-Islamism which deserved my attention, but as I read through the long written article I saw a link titled “How The Catholic Church Created Islam” which made me suspicious, as I have posted an article on Islam’s Possible Origins being derived from Christianity. As I read through the article, although I still give out high respects to Jesus my heart was torn, knowing that it was the Catholic church who had invented such monstrosities to haunt every one of us ever since the 6th century, and they were unable to contain the monsters that they have just created.

This is what I wrote to the owner of the blog, who had defended Christianity with all of his words:

Wow. Reading one of the links you’ve posted in this blogpost ( I was amazed, and almost angered by the fact that it was the pope who created such a vile religion just so that he could bring on his anti-Semitic plans. This somehow created a distrust in my heart for Roman Catholicism. This is my story:

I am currently a victim of the oppression and persecution of Muslim majorities in an Islamic country. Being born in the Islamic country of Malaysia, and at the same time having a Muslim father has made me a victim of religious oppressions. I wish not to pronounce the word “hate”, but that is what I have felt for the religion of Islam, and just recently towards Roman Catholicism with what the article has exposed. I remember being forced to pray according to the Islamic way, forced to study Arabic, being punished and humiliated for not being able to write the Arabic script properly or memorize quranic passages. Right now I am living the deepest shit of my life: due to the nature of Muslims wasting their money and not caring for their child’s education and nutrition, my father had spent all his fortunes which has lead to my demise – halfway through my 20’s and unable to complete my studies and had to work shitty jobs just to survive. My only way out of this “islamic” way of life is through seeking asylum in another country; and before I could do so I have to accumulate lots of money to buy myself a flight ticket.

Some people might say that the article was made up, but I do know that it is somehow telling the truth. I have studied the quran extensively, and did many researches including how islam was heavily influenced by catholicism, origins of the Arabic script (Syro-Aramaic) and how the Syro-Aramaic readings of quranic passages is actually similar to passages in the gospels.

Basically, all I have to say is that although I still have respect for the Christ for his compassionate and loving character, I do not trust both Roman Catholics and Muslims. Both are the vile religions that will bring demise to mankind. From today onwards not only the religion of Islam shall be exposed by me but also the religion of Roman Catholicism. Only those who practiced pure “Christ-Consciousness” shall be spared from being labelled a vile being. Thank you for posting up such article.

I think that’s one of the reasons Mahatma Gandhi came up with such a quote.


Origins of the Quran (and possibly Islam).

In this Arabic month of the Ramadhan where Muslims fasts and pays obligatory zakat, I stumbled upon an interesting video on YouTube. Click on the link to watch it (apparently embedding lots of videos on my blog site is going to slow your computer down so I’m not embedding one this time).

For a spoiler I am going to reveal to you what’s in this video: someone found a very old, incomplete piece of what resembles the verses of the first (Sura Fatihah) and last (Sura An-Nisa) verse of the Quran under a stack of potato sacks, but what makes the discovery very stunning was because of the Arabic words of both verses wasn’t written using the standard Arabic cursives with dots and markers as used in most of today’s existing Qurans.

I have studied the Arabic script and the usage of dots and markers in Quranic reading (although I wasn’t taught the Arabic language – in non-Arabic states the Islamic class teachers taught Arabic script as a way to pronounce the Arabic words properly) and having a phrase without dots and markers to represent proper pronunciations means that the phrase can have lots of possible meanings, plus it’s hard to even make out a meaning in a short sentence without the proper markers or dots.

End of spoiler, researchers made a strong hypothesis that according to the many meanings you can make out of a marker-less Quranic sentence, it is possible that early Islam had a strong influence from Christianity, and that the Arabic script was influenced by Syrian-Aramaic scripts in which the gospels of Jesus was written and communicated in.

Did God give us the power to perform telekinesis or is it sinful and unholy?

An interesting question posed by Christians who are puzzled by nature’s way of operating, and yet to know what is quantum mechanics other than complicated mathematical equations.

Here’s what the answer from a supposed Christian who studied his bible well (I’m not anti-Christian, and I love Jesus the same way any Christian would but I think the bible needs major reforms):

“Powers” that are said to come from the mind are actually spiritual powers, and their source is demons. The Bible tells us to avoid anything that is of the occult. Here is an example of what the Bible says about the occult:

There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you. You shall be blameless before the Lord your God.

– Deuteronomy 18: 10-13


Power has never been given to man to be able to move objects with his mind alone. There are biblical accounts where mountains have been moved out of their place, where seas have been parted but the authority to do this is God given. 
As all matter has intelligence, otherwise it would not be able to obey a command. And only one who holds a higher authority can give the power to man to move something, it is not the man, but by the priesthood which he holds. Then the reason to move anything has to be that higher powers reason, and not mans. 
When anything is done it is to the glory of God and not for the glorification of man.

First of all, if the person who answered using a verse from The Book of Deuteronomy 18: 10-13 would have researched articles on quantum mechanics and watch lectures from renowned physicists, they would know the basic theory of a subatomic particle, particularly the electrons. Electrons are known to be a very low-mass subatomic particle which is represented by a point-size, are negative-charged, and is a wavicle; it could behave either as a wave or a particle.

Electrons exists in almost every matter that existed in this world. These subatomic particles are also known as a string of energy. Our minds are also known to be formed by the same energies. Telekinesis is the action of manipulating an object’s matter either by changing it’s shape (i.e. Uri Geller’s spoon bending) or by moving the object to a different location without using our physical force, instead we’ll be using our minds, which means that we’re accomplishing these manipulations from a remote distance.

How telekinesis works is actually explainable using quantum mechanics, but first I’ll tell you how to achieve the state of mind that enables telekinesis and other psychic stuffs. Our mind has since a long time ago been separated into two: conscious and sub-conscious. Researchers believed that our two separate minds had been working as one until ego caused these two to separate, thus creating the illusion that our present world existed, our visions limited to three dimensions, and the existence of the self. However, in present time we are still able to combine both minds, with the limitations of maintaining it to a matter of a few seconds. It is believed that by using combined-consciousness together with the embodiment of compassion that the Buddha attained enlightenment. Some people might call this combined-consciousness as the “third-eye”.

The resulting combined-consciousness allows us to manipulate the energies around us, or rather specifically the energies that comprises the subatomic particles around us. We are able to use these energy-manipulations to move small-to-large objects either in mid-air or by a stride-motion, bend hard-irons such as thick stainless-steel utensils or send pulse of messages to another person – which would usually scare the shit out of people thinking there are poltergeists nearby!

It might sound like I’m actually telling a lie, a fabled story or science fiction but like it or not, it’s actually true. Lots of people around the world are making accidental discoveries of their psychic abilities.

Now, back to the question. Did God give us the power to perform telekinesis or is it sinful and unholy?

Would you think that telekinesis would be sinful and unholy if it was actually a gift from God? The same way God gave you arms and legs to commute and do your jobs, gave you a tongue with thousands of taste-buds so that you could enjoy the sweetness of sugar? Although with the invention of the tastebuds that God not only gave you a gift to enjoy sugar but also he gave you an insufficient amount of inulin in your bloodstream to counter the level of sugar you’re feeding yourself to, which in turn would make the tastebuds on our tongues as a curse, a punishment from God just for his enjoyment when he could’ve made sugar taste the same as normal water where we would consume the amount needed instead. Also, God’s extra gift of the ego and “free-will” made our arms and legs the most lethal weapon since Abel and Cain.

OK, let’s say that according to the chap who answered the question by quoting Deuteronomy that telekinesis was actually powers coming from an external source, namely demons, and that no human being possesses any psychic abilities by default. By that he actually means that electrons are actually manifestations or essences of demons, in which he would have to explain how almost 90% of our bodies are composed of these “demon” subatomic particles, and how to cleanse our bodies from these demonic essences. From my point of view, the only way for us to cleanse ourselves from these “demonic possessions” from birth is to kill ourselves, or the most effective way to quickly cleanse ourselves is to incinerate ourselves with fire until we turn into ashes.

Well done, dead dogmas of religions. You have given to us an insight of how evil we are by having every single molecules of our bodies comprised of naturally occurring electrons.

“When anything is done it is to the glory of God and not for the glorification of man.”

I would say, God is glory for creating man not from dust, but rather from accidents and illusions. Hallelujah.

Note: I believe the only practice Christianity had for its followers is to embody the love of Jesus. Loving your parents, loving your spouses, loving your neighbors and loving your enemies. Christianity is a religion of love, the only monotheistic religion I have respect for (Islam’s Muhammad rapes slave women and pre-pubescent girls, Judaism’s Moses murdered an Egyptian guard), however I believe if Christians were to disregard the dogmas created by illusions of the ego then Christianity can be easily followed as a faith. Lastly, I wish for any Christians reading this post not to be offended of this article.