The vile religions of Islam and ROMAN CATHOLICISM.

I stumbled upon a Christian blog when I was looking for articles regarding Dr. Michio Kaku, and somehow that blog had a post regarding anti-Islamism which deserved my attention, but as I read through the long written article I saw a link titled “How The Catholic Church Created Islam” which made me suspicious, as I have posted an article on Islam’s Possible Origins being derived from Christianity. As I read through the article, although I still give out high respects to Jesus my heart was torn, knowing that it was the Catholic church who had invented such monstrosities to haunt every one of us ever since the 6th century, and they were unable to contain the monsters that they have just created.

This is what I wrote to the owner of the blog, who had defended Christianity with all of his words:

Wow. Reading one of the links you’ve posted in this blogpost ( I was amazed, and almost angered by the fact that it was the pope who created such a vile religion just so that he could bring on his anti-Semitic plans. This somehow created a distrust in my heart for Roman Catholicism. This is my story:

I am currently a victim of the oppression and persecution of Muslim majorities in an Islamic country. Being born in the Islamic country of Malaysia, and at the same time having a Muslim father has made me a victim of religious oppressions. I wish not to pronounce the word “hate”, but that is what I have felt for the religion of Islam, and just recently towards Roman Catholicism with what the article has exposed. I remember being forced to pray according to the Islamic way, forced to study Arabic, being punished and humiliated for not being able to write the Arabic script properly or memorize quranic passages. Right now I am living the deepest shit of my life: due to the nature of Muslims wasting their money and not caring for their child’s education and nutrition, my father had spent all his fortunes which has lead to my demise – halfway through my 20’s and unable to complete my studies and had to work shitty jobs just to survive. My only way out of this “islamic” way of life is through seeking asylum in another country; and before I could do so I have to accumulate lots of money to buy myself a flight ticket.

Some people might say that the article was made up, but I do know that it is somehow telling the truth. I have studied the quran extensively, and did many researches including how islam was heavily influenced by catholicism, origins of the Arabic script (Syro-Aramaic) and how the Syro-Aramaic readings of quranic passages is actually similar to passages in the gospels.

Basically, all I have to say is that although I still have respect for the Christ for his compassionate and loving character, I do not trust both Roman Catholics and Muslims. Both are the vile religions that will bring demise to mankind. From today onwards not only the religion of Islam shall be exposed by me but also the religion of Roman Catholicism. Only those who practiced pure “Christ-Consciousness” shall be spared from being labelled a vile being. Thank you for posting up such article.

I think that’s one of the reasons Mahatma Gandhi came up with such a quote.