Money and the path to Enlightenment.

I was recently puzzled by my intentions of accumulating wealth in a desire to seek out a less burdened life, and what are the attitudes of spirituality towards this intentions.

A very interesting story indeed, which made me realize that monks were able to live monastic lives just because people donated to their cause. Not because these monks were too lazy to look for jobs – they’re actually contributing to their society by becoming examples and teaching necessary morals to those who seek them.



Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam

How would you like to have a declaration on human rights whose articles contradicts one after another? Would you live in a nation who has signed declarations that protects only certain individuals while allowing them to pick on others, namely “infidels”?

If you are trying to access the above link from an Islamic nation, I shall teach you the loopholes created by brilliant “infidels” who aimed at educating fellow human beings, regardless of race, culture or religion.

First, enter this URL into your browser:

You shall see a form in the webpage where you can enter a web address. Enter this address:

Don’t worry, offers encryption for every page you browse using their online proxies, so that no internet censorship boards or internet service providers of any nations could possibly track what website you’re browsing through the online proxy. Some could try accessing (or probably hacking) into your personal computer just to check out your browsing history but they will never be able to decrypt the proxy’s encryption code.

Knowledge is enlightenment. Buddha didn’t just sit under a tree for nothing.


Origins of the Quran (and possibly Islam).

In this Arabic month of the Ramadhan where Muslims fasts and pays obligatory zakat, I stumbled upon an interesting video on YouTube. Click on the link to watch it (apparently embedding lots of videos on my blog site is going to slow your computer down so I’m not embedding one this time).

For a spoiler I am going to reveal to you what’s in this video: someone found a very old, incomplete piece of what resembles the verses of the first (Sura Fatihah) and last (Sura An-Nisa) verse of the Quran under a stack of potato sacks, but what makes the discovery very stunning was because of the Arabic words of both verses wasn’t written using the standard Arabic cursives with dots and markers as used in most of today’s existing Qurans.

I have studied the Arabic script and the usage of dots and markers in Quranic reading (although I wasn’t taught the Arabic language – in non-Arabic states the Islamic class teachers taught Arabic script as a way to pronounce the Arabic words properly) and having a phrase without dots and markers to represent proper pronunciations means that the phrase can have lots of possible meanings, plus it’s hard to even make out a meaning in a short sentence without the proper markers or dots.

End of spoiler, researchers made a strong hypothesis that according to the many meanings you can make out of a marker-less Quranic sentence, it is possible that early Islam had a strong influence from Christianity, and that the Arabic script was influenced by Syrian-Aramaic scripts in which the gospels of Jesus was written and communicated in.


“A few years ago, I was doing research on an article on messianic thinking, and I came across a fascinating historical tidbit from the nineteenth century about Anne Besant, who had been a women’s rights activist in London before joining the Theosophical Society and eventually becoming its president. Besant was an interesting character for many reasons, but she is perhaps best known for her efforts to find the young boy who was supposed to grow up to be the World Teacher of the Theosophical Society. That boy was Jiddu Krishnamurti, the great twentieth-century teacher who rejected his association with Theosophy along with any sort of messianic titles and became a powerful independent philosopher/teacher in his own right.”

-Excerpt from the article. Click on link or image to read more.


Ringing in the ears (brain), known as Tinnitus.

Somehow we humans are created in an imperfect manner. As the bible claims, we MIGHT be created in God’s image, which means that both Gods and humans have the same flaws.

This article gives insights to how our brain functions might have deluded our senses throughout the years, and how what is supposedly audible by our auditory organs were filtered out, and what was not originally present to be audible was made ringing in our ears until we mentally tell ourselves to stop listening to it.